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Welcome to Knowledge Kids where you’ll find the best and brightest content for kids aged two to eight, all completely commercial-free.

We’re committed to offering shows that inspire and help kids learn about the world around them through cooperation, empathy, friendship and problem-solving.

Whether they’re interested in animals, art, dinosaurs, music or science, we have videos for every child’s unique passion and developmental stage. And our online games let kids play around with puzzles, shapes, numbers and letters in Easy or Hard mode.

Knowledge Kids offers hundreds full-length episodes of high-quality children’s programming. You’ll find favourites like Paw PatrolWild KrattsKate and Mim-MimZerby DerbyMister MakerAstroblastHi OpieRuff-RuffTweet and DaveRob the RobotShaun the SheepAnnedroids and more.

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Knowledge Partners

How do we do it, you wonder? How do we offer such a great line-up of children’s programming, completely free and commercial-free?

Knowledge Kids is brought to you by Knowledge Network, British Columbia’s trusted public broadcaster. As a publicly-supported, non-profit broadcaster, we make it our mission to offer media that spark a child’s imagination and love of learning.

Founded in 1981, Knowledge Network explores the world through our commercial- free television and streaming services. We also publish a regular programming magazine, develop streaming apps, and are behind the BC best-selling hard cover children’s book, Which Way Back?

Generous donations from Knowledge Partners fund more than one-third of the Knowledge Network service, including Knowledge Kids. Please help us continue to bring your little ones the commercial-free programming they love by becoming a Knowledge Partner today.

Any amount will help enrich the content we offer your children and family. Donate $120 or more and get the Knowledge Partners Kids Pack as our thank you for your support. It’s a delightful grab bag of fun activities, a t-shirt and a copy of Luna, Chip and Inkie’s first adventure book Which Way Back?

Knowledge Network - the most publicly supported of all public broadcasters in Canada. We invite you to join us.

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